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«Pushing the boundaries –
a conversation with Beatrice Trussardi»

The Italian art patron Beatrice Trussardi talks to Ewa Hess about her commitment to art,
the courage to dare the unexpected and her latest international initiative

Sunday, 19. September 2021, 2 – 3.20 pm

Schwarzes Café, Luma Westbau, Löwenbräu Zürich

During the Zurich Art Weekend 2021, leaving the virus-induced period of inactivity, we are happy to introduce you to Beatrice Trussardi. The Italian art patron and businesswoman has not only left a lasting mark on the cultural life of Milan, but also sets international standards for how courageous private commitment to art can be. On Sunday, 19 September, the Kunstforum is delighted to be able to discuss with the extraordinary culture figure the present and future role of art in a rapidly changing world. 

Beatrice Trussardi has made her name decades ago when she took over the Nicola Trussardi Foundation, named after her father, in 1999. At the time, she teamed up with Massimiliano Gioni, who was still a young curator – today he is the artistic director of the New Museum in New York. The two have spectacularly revolutionised conventions of what a foundation can and should do. Without being tied to a fixed location, nomadic projects are realised in Milan that are twice as enriching – because they are good for the city and set art free. 

The good news reached us this summer: Trussardi’s new initiative extends the cultural patron’s commitment beyond Italy’s borders. The newly established Beatrice Trussardi Foundation will carry out art projects in forgotten or overlooked places around the world. The setting for the first project this summer was Switzerland, Fex Valley in the Engadine. A touching installation by Polish artist Pawel Althamer recalled Saint Francis. In a modest mountain hut, surrounded by goats and flowers, the enraptured gaze of the sculpture spoke of a spirituality close to nature – setting impulses for a perhaps less anthropocentric, but more humane world of tomorrow. 

  The event is sold out. The ticket holders follow the instructions of Zurich Art Weekend regarding Covid-related restrictions and regulation.

Past event

«Art Museums at the Crossroads:
How normal will the new normal be?»

Francesco Bonami in conversation with Ewa Hess

Sunday, 13 September 2020, 2 – 3.20 pm

 Schwarzes Café, Luma Westbau, Löwenbräu Zürich

«Kunstmuseen an der Wegkreuzung –
wie normal wird das neue Normal sein?» Francesco Bonami im Gespräch mit Ewa Hess

Das Video des Gesprächs kann hier visioniert werden.

The video of the entire conversation is available here.

Das Kunstforum Zürich spricht über die Herausforderungen der post-corona Kunstwelt mit dem legendären Kurator Francesco Bonami. 

Das Gespräch fand im Schwarzen Café im Rahmen des Zurich Art Weekend (ZAW) statt.

Vergangene Veranstaltung:

Kunstmarkt Modul III

«Müssen Galerien wachsen, um zu überleben?»

Sonntag, 9. Juni 2019

14 – 15. 20 Uhr


Art Market Talk

Vanessa Carlos & Alain Servais

Schwarzescafé, Luma Westbau, Löwenbräu Zürich

(im Rahmen des Zurich Art Weekend)

The situation is serious: The big galleries are getting bigger and bigger, the medium ones and the small ones are having a hard time. The action radius in the sandwich space between auction houses and online dealers is narrowing every year. And what’s more, the global digital economy often functions according to the motto «the winner takes it all». This development is dangerous, because a good functioning of the art market requires colourful diversity. But how can and how should we counteract this unwelcome trend? Opinions differ on this.

One thing is clear: if galleries should continue to prosper as socially important institutions, not only must their business model be renewed, but something must also change in the structure of the art world. To discuss this, we invited two personalities to the Zurich Art Weekend who are among the most important players in the current gallery discussion: the founder of the gallery exchange program Condo and successful gallery owner Vanessa Carlos from London, and the Belgian collector and financier Alain Servais, the man who was the first to put his finger on the weak spot with his much-acclaimed article on the „industrialization of the art market“. Talk moderated by Ewa Hess, Kunstforum Zürich and art journalist.

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7. März 2019, 17-20 Uhr

Kunstmarkt-Konferenz Modul II: «Digitalisierung und Kunstmarkt: Ist die Zukunft schon sichtbar?»

Schwarzescafé, Luma Westbau, Löwenbräu Zürich

In der zweiten Kunstmarkt-Konferenz des Kunstforums Zürich geht es 2019 um die disruptiven Veränderungen, welche der Vormarsch der neuen Technologien dem Kunstmarkt bescheren könnte. Stichwort Blockchain ist in aller Munde, doch auch hier kommt es, wie überall, auf die sinnvolle Anwendung an. Es ist wichtig, früh zu erkennen was und was nicht zukunftstauglich sein wird. Das Kunstforum lädt Kenner und Anwender ein, CEOs von Tech-Startups, Sammler und Künstler, um gemeinsam die Gegenwart zu analysieren und in die Zukunft zu schauen. Das genaue Programm lesen Sie hier.

Fürs laufende Jahr ist bereits der dritte Teil eingegeplant: Modul III / 9. Juni 2019 «Konzentration in der Galerienszene: Versprechen neue Geschäftsmodelle Erfolg?»

Hat stattgefunden

29. Oktober 2018, 17-20 Uhr

Kunstmarkt-Konferenz Modul I: «Sorgfalt und Vertrauen im Kunstmarkt: Brauchen wir neue Branchenstandards?»

Schwarzescafé, Luma Westbau, Löwenbräu Zürich

Kunstforum Zürich widmete sich mit dieser ersten ihrer drei Kunstmarkt-Konferenzen 2018 dem Thema der Ethik im Kunstmarkt. Die Konferenz bildete den Auftakt zu einer Serie von drei Konferenzen, die sich alle mit Themen des Kunstmarkts befassen. Es sprachen und diskutierten: Marc Spiegler, Direktor der Art Basel, Anne-Laure Bandle, Direktorin der Genfer Fondation pour le droit de l’art, Victor Gisler (Galerie Mai 36), Stefan Puttaert (Sotheby’s Zürich), Claudius Ochsner (Kunsthandelsverband der Schweiz). In Zusammenarbeit mit Art Market Studies Program der Universität Zürich. Mehr dazu…

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Beat Curti, Präsident der Stiftung Kunstforum Zürich, in seiner Begrüssung vor der ersten Podiumsdiskussion des KFZ im März 2017


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